It starts like this

it starts here. How much can I do in this patch of stucco? The subject is reduced to the point of not being recognizable. I don't know if this shoot is about photoraphy or painting. Stucco fits into my suburban voice. You can take the man out of the suburb, but you can't take the suburb out of the man.

The topography of stucco

Stucco has valleys and mountain ranges. With a small flashlight I have been painitng the tetons of stucco with light. The frustrated painter in me has come completely to the surface. Photographing the same stucco over and over. With each iteration I work hard to make each exposure different. The intent is to make each side of the mountain peak of the stucco to have a different or complementary color. The topography of the stucco vibrates with the closely placed color. Pointillism revisited in a stucco canvas through a photograph. 

Fall 2012 "I've been shooting the same 24" x 36" space of stucco for the last 6 months" 

The images start as black and white records of color, and then the color records are combined in the same manner as the Los Angeles images are fused together.

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